Focus Light Storage shine UK | Austa debut 2023 UK International Solar & Storage Live
Delivery time:  2023-10-20   


From October 17th to 19th, the largest renewable energy exhibition in the UK, Solar & Storage Live UK 2023, grandly opened at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Austa showcases its brand new smart energy system solutions at booth K16.







Solar & Storage Live is the UK's largest and most professional solar energy industry exhibition, focusing on solar and storage technology innovations and product applications. It aims to create the most forward-thinking, challenging, and exciting renewable energy exhibition in the UK, showcasing the cutting-edge technologies of greener, smarter, and more practical energy systems to the public, covers the latest technologies and market developments in residential, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale power generation sectors in both the UK and international markets. This exhibition brings together the solar, storage, and electric vehicle industries to power the future energy systems.




At this exhibition, Austa showcases its new core solution - Residential Panels Storage Charging Integrated Solution, attracting great attention. Austa is dedicated to meet the ever-changing energy demands of families. It integrates light, storage, and charging, paired with energy storage batteries and smart charging piles, creating a holistic smart green power lifestyle.



For energy efficiency in homes, Austa launched a dedicated balcony photovoltaic storage solution. This efficient power supply can store excess electricity generated during the day and release it at night, converting it into AC power for household consumption. "Balcony Economy" solutions are universal and provide both Micro-Hybrid-Inverter System Solution and DC Coupling Microinverter System Solution for new and existing customers respectively. The AU800MESL Micro-Hybrid-Inverter System Solution adds a storage battery to the existing microinverter product, offering easy transportation, simple installation, and minimal space requirements.



Austa DC Coupling Microinverter System Solution is based on the user already having installed a 600W/800W/1000W microinverter. By adding a coupler, the microinverter is connected to a battery, converting the DC power source into AC power and coupling it with the electric grid. DC Coupling Microinverter System Solution enables efficient energy conversion, maximizing the utilization of output from solar panels, and achieving grid-connected renewable energy generation.



Ningbo Austa Solar Tech Co., LTD. is committed to the research, development, production and sales of solar inverters. Austa upholds the mission of "Let Thousands of Households Enjoy the Green Energy", is committed to the development of integrated energy storage systems, and providing one-stop global smart energy system solutions for customers.